The future is now. What once seemed like something you might see played out on The Jetsons is now commonplace. Your doorbell can accept a package from your mailman. Your lights can turn themselves on just as the sun sets, then dim themselves automatically as you settle into your evening. Your thermostat can turn off the air when no one’s home. Smart homes are transforming the way we live. But how do you get all the various devices up and running?

With family owned and operated A.M. Shine Electric, the answer is easy. Give our Certified Smart House installation team a call and we can install and integrate all of your devices to get your smart home functioning at peak performance in no time.

Installing Smart Home Devices

It’s one thing to plug in an Alexa or Google Home into an existing wall outlet. It’s entirely another thing to set up the various other devices that drive higher efficiency, more convenient smart home living. All of these devices need one thing that can present a challenge: power.

Fortunately, our team of smart home device electricians is seasoned at installing a wide range of technologies in a wide range of settings. Whether you already have the device wired in and need someone to integrate it with your other devices or you’re not sure how to power it up in the first place, we’re here to help.

Electronic Light Control

As Lutron Pros, we’re trained in setting up homes with the best, most energy efficient LED light. And we don’t stop there. We ensure you have the light control you need to live comfortably, whether that means establishing remote controls in each room, making your lights dim, putting them on an automated timer, or connecting them to your digital assistant.

Smart Thermostats

How much energy are you wasting heating and cooling rooms that aren’t in use? Start seeing savings by buying a smart thermostat, which optimizes your home’s climate control and its energy use. Then, stop wasting time trying to set it up by calling A.M. Shine Electric.

We’re experienced in installing all of the major brands — including Nest, Honeywell, and Ecobee — so you can reap rewards from your smart thermostat right away.

Smart Doorbells

A smart doorbell can give you greater visibility of your front door, helping welcome guests and accept deliveries even as you fend off porch pirates. We can install your Nest, Ring, or another smart doorbell to protect your home.

Electronic Shades and Fans

Make your life more comfortable with electronic window shades and fans you can control with the simple click of a button. We’re Lutron Pros who have years of experience installing their innovative technology in a wide range of residential applications.

Are you ready to bring your home into the digital age for lower utility bills, increased safety, and greater comfort and convenience? If so, call A.M. Shine Electric, a Certified Smart House installer in Woodland Hills, California. With over three decades of experience serving the San Fernando Valley, we’re ready to go to work for you.