Whether you’re building your dream home from the ground up or are finally making the changes you’ve always envisioned to your office, there are a lot of moving pieces. While it’s tempting to focus your energy on the most fun parts — like designing your space and fitting it with the best amenities — you want to make sure the essentials are well-handled, too. A.M. Shine Electric is here to help. With decades of experience working on new construction, remodeling projects, and additions for residential and commercial clients, we can meet all your electrical needs.

A.M. Shine Electric is a family-owned and operated and woman-led business. With 30 years of experience, we’re on our second generation of family ownership and have the distinct pleasure of serving many of our clients’ second and third generations. Whether you’re building a new business location or home or improving your existing space, we’re here to serve you.

Electrical Services for New Construction

With so much to consider for new builds, it’s easy to forget the things that aren’t readily visible. But your electrical system deserves attention. Without proper wiring, living in your new home or working in your new office can be challenging — and even dangerous.

And when you’re working on your ideal space, not just any wiring will do. We have the expertise needed to fit your home or office with everything you need to bring your dreams to life, including:

  • Dimmed lighting
  • Smart home devices
  • Entertaining system wiring
  • Solar
  • Ceiling fans
  • Landscape and security lighting
  • Surge protection

As seasoned custom wiring professionals, we’re ready to ensure your new home or office has safe, efficient, easy-to-access power everywhere you need it.

Electrical Services for Remodels

Transforming your existing space into one that better suits your needs and supports your ideal lifestyle or corporate culture usually requires a number of changes. And your electrical is certainly one of them. Swapping out old outlets for smart ones, adding additional power sources for greater convenience, and creating custom wiring to support security, entertainment, or functional systems can revolutionize the way you use your space.

Whether you want updated electrical to support the ever-evolving needs of your business’s technology or custom wiring to take your residential remodel to the next level, A.M. Shine Electrical can deliver.

Electrical Services for Additions

Building onto your home and office is exciting. You’re opening up new possibilities. As you expand, though, you need to have the right support systems in place to ensure you can thrive in the addition. Without safe, efficient access to power, using your addition can be virtually impossible.

With an emphasis on quality and integrity, you can trust A.M. Shine Electric to extend your home or business’s electrical grid to your addition. What’s more, if you’re looking to upgrade the electrical capabilities in your new space, they offer a range of solutions.

Whether you’re undertaking new construction, remodeling, or building additions, A.M. Shine Electric can help you upgrade your electrical to get the most from your new space. Contact their dedicated, family-owned team in Woodland Hills, California, to get started.